Travel expert shares tips on AI vacation planning

More than half of travelers say they may use artificial intelligence, or AI, to plan and assist with summer travel this year, according to a survey conducted by Matador Network, which created the artificial intelligence travel assistant GuideGeek.

GuideGeek is just one of the many free AI tools that can help you plan your next getaway. AI can be used to advise on the best places to stay, eat and explore, while providing tips to help save money and avoid crowds, all tailored to your specific wants and needs. The technology also connects users with real-time flights, hotels and weather as well as currency conversion. Ross Borden, the CEO of Matador Network, says using this AI technology feels like you’re just chatting with a friend.

“Imagine you have a friend in Barcelona that has lived there all their life and you’re asking her for advice before you go on your trip to Barcelona, that’s GuideGeek,” Borden says. “Except it’s not just Barcelona, it’s every city, every state, every country.”

The survey from Matador Network finds that families traveling with children are especially likely to use AI travel tools this summer and are 69% more likely to have already used AI for trips than travelers without children.

Borden explains that AI is starting to have huge effects on the travel industry. He believes the travel industry has been trapped in the dark ages of online booking, and AI is a way to bring it into the light.

“You’ve got 30 browser tabs open, you’re scouring the internet for the best deal. AI is a great tool to just cut through all of that and get you into what you are interested in,” Borden says. “It’s a massive saver of time and money. Instead of trip planning taking weeks or days, it can take minutes.”

To make the most of your vacation, Borden says be specific with the AI travel assistant. He tells travelers to say where they want to go, who they are traveling with and all the things that would make the vacation ideal.

Matador Network says GuideGeek has answered more than 3.7 million questions in dozens of languages.

Source: MSN