Experience a romantic dream at the Meliá Jardines del Rey


By Daily Pérez Guillén

Between two and five couples choose the Meliá Jardines del Rey hotel, in Cayo Coco, as the setting for their wedding ceremony every week. “If you want a spectacular, completely different wedding, Meliá can organize it,” the hotel’s Director General Klaus Dieter Herrmann stresses.

Speaking to the press during Cuba’s International Tourism Fair, the German-born director happily commented that the hotel organizes many events of this type each year. “All the details are on Meliá’s website. We take care of the quality and everything is included. We have permanent agents here at the hotel who are in charge of organizing everything.”

On its website and social media platforms, Meliá assures that Cuba is the perfect place to start a new life together, with its legendary beaches and fiery sunsets as settings for a unique ceremony. Beachfront gazebos, tropical gardens or special rooms in its hotels are some of the locations to choose from.

Among the recommended packages, clients can choose a theme and add other personalized details. A team of coordinators are in charge of fulfilling every dream. Bridal rooms, romantic breakfasts and late check-out are other advantages Meliá offers, as well as special rates for brides, grooms and guests, with discounts on other services according to the program.

“Our clients are from different countries, mainly Canada. We have recently received couples and their guests from Spain and Germany. We offer wedding packages that can occupy between ten and fifty rooms,” Dieter Herrmann noted, who is in charge of the largest hotel managed by the Spanish chain in Cuba.

The five-star all-inclusive Meliá Jardines del Rey stands next to the sands of Flamenco Beach in Cayo Coco. Its 1,176 comfortable standard rooms and suites can accommodate between 2,500 and 2,800 people. “Meliá has a very important presence here in Cuba with more than 40 hotels, but this one is special. It is complicated to manage; we have 25 department heads and each one works with between twenty and a hundred people. When the hotel is full there are 1,200 workers.”

At the time of our visit, more than a thousand tourists were enjoying all the services that include a variety of restaurants and exclusive bars. “I have worked in several countries and the difference here is the Cuban spirit, the joy, and we have to take advantage of that to make our guests feel happier,” the director commented. This was something that became evident in the evenings, when guests flocked to the lobby’s large spaces to enjoy a coffee, a drink or admire and participate in the artistic shows.

Most of the travelers who stay at the Meliá Jardines del Rey are from the Canadian and Russian markets. “Many of the Canadians are repeat visitors, they come three or four times a year. Last summer, many Argentines came. It changes every year, but many Italians, Spaniards, Germans come. It is important to know what they want before they get here; parties, rest, to see the country, the area,” Klaus explained, while recommending that visitors plan their trips well so that they can enjoy the history and culture of Cuba at each site.