Parcel shipments to Cuba through Transcargo increase

By Daily Pérez Guillén

Is it possible to send parcels to Cuba with total security and speed? According to information the executives of Transcargo, the answer is yes.

In a meeting with the foreign press accredited in Cuba, the company’s Director General, Jorge Lara Tellez, informed that at the end of May they had distributed 109,708 packages of non-commercial cargo (parcels) from 90,300 clients. “We process this volume mainly in the west and distribute it to every last mile of the country in the space of 5 to 7 days in the west and 12 to 15 days in the rest of the country.”

MSc. Jorge Lara Téllez, Transcargo director general. Photo: TTC.

Transcargo currently distributes 90% of the parcels throughout the country through non-state companies with which it has established agreements. “Non-commercial cargo is the largest volume we receive and comes mainly from Europe, Spain, Mexico, Panama and the United States,” Lara Téllez explained.

The director general also assured that in 2024 they have only received seven complaints and all of them have been satisfactorily resolved.

Transcargo, an entity belonging to the GEMAR Maritime Port Group of the Ministry of Transportation, has been undertaking operations in Cuba for more than thirty years.

“With Transcargo’s physical presence in the three regions of the country, the services it provides as operator and agent of vessels in dry ports and as a forwarder associated with customs activities are diversifying and expanding, directly impacting on three fundamental activities: non-commercial cargo destined for natural persons in the national territory; commercial cargo that is closely linked to the productive chain of the national economy and the services for Cuban collaborators who carry out missions in certain sectors outside the national territory. Also, to a lesser extent, to the services for diplomatic corps, fairs and exhibitions,” added Fran Alejandro Hartemant Pantoja, the company’s sales representative.

As a maritime agent, Transcargo represents international commercial shipping companies that connect with Cuba: Crowley, CEA Cana Cargo Line and others. “Through the different requests of clients or suppliers, we establish commercial routes to link and cover an international and stable maritime cargo traffic that allows the country to resupply itself with certain goods or raw materials for productive links and the development of the national economy.”

In the case of airlines, the company also operates cargo shipments through commercial relationships. “We work mainly with European airlines, among them KLM, Air Europa, Air France, in close liaison with Aerovaradero, another of the Ministry of Transport’s entities, which is really the leader in this type of air services in Cuba,” Hartemant Pantoja commented.

Control of cargoes from their shipment abroad to their delivery in Cuba. Photo: TTC.

Cuba’s geographical location is conducive to trade in the Caribbean area, both to facilitate imports and exports and to connect with other transshipment ports that exist in the Latin American region itself. “We link a trade route to help develop the flow of a trade. At the request of these importers, we coordinate with the different airlines or with the different shipping lines so that this trade can flow,” the sales representative concluded.