Central America Travel Market 2024 in San Salvador

This April 17 and 18, El Salvador hosted the Central American Travel Market (CATM) 2024 Fair, under the motto “Weaving Connections”

The meeting, classified as the most important in the region due to its ability to bring together key tourism actors, was attended by senior government officials from the region and a notable number of representatives of the tourism sector.

The official inauguration took place at the Hilton San Salvador Hotel and was attended by the Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Valdez; the secretary general of the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA), Boris Iraheta; the president of the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR), Carlos Umaña, as well as the president of FEDECATUR, Michael Wehmeyer and senior officials of the governments of the region.

Minister Morena Valdez said that “tourism is key to promoting the region as a multi-destination and El Salvador is honored to be able to host this event.”

Tour operators and wholesale buyers mainly from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy participate in CATM 2024; as well as businessmen in the tourism industry from El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

According to the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR), one of the organizers of the CATM, this space places Central America in a showcase so that large tour operators can learn first-hand about the
regional tourism offer.

Prior to the start of the fair, businesspeople and international visitors had the opportunity to explore different tourist destinations in El Salvador. Likewise, they participated in a night tour of the Historic Center of San Salvador, the second most visited tourist destination in the country. During this experience, they admired the emblematic Plaza Gerardo Barrios, which merges history, culture and entertainment in the heart of the Historic Center. In addition, they explored the imposing National Palace, neoclassical in style with Gothic and Renaissance details, which has been a witness to Salvadoran history and is considered cultural heritage. They also visited the magnificent National Theatre, inspired by the Renaissance, where the best dance, music and theater shows are offered. The majestic Metropolitan Cathedral, with its impressive Byzantine and Roman style architecture, was also part of the itinerary. Finally, they discovered the modernity and avant-garde of the National Library of El Salvador (BINAES), which complements the rich historical heritage of the city. The tour concluded with an
elegant cocktail offered by the authorities in the former Presidential House, a monument that stands out for its historical importance and its architectural richness.

After its closure, on April 19, wholesale tour operators will visit destinations in other countries. The region was positioned in eleventh place in the ranking of most visited destinations prepared by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN-Tourism).

CATM 2024 is organized by CASATUR, CATA, the Federation of Central American Tourism Chambers (FEDECATUR), Ministry of Tourism and Corsatur, reflecting the joint effort between the private and public sectors in promoting tourism in the region.

Regional companies received SICCS certification

Twenty-one regional companies in the tourism industry, including: Roca Sunzal, Palo Verde, Restaurante Doña Laura, Agape Hotel, Hotel Escalón, Morazán Tours and Hotel La Palma, received certification from the Central American Integrated Quality and Sustainability System (SICCS) for their quality and sustainability in business management.

The SICCS Seal is a tourism quality certification system for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the areas of accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, transportation and vehicle rental companies throughout Central America. It provides useful guidance to tourism entrepreneurs to plan, execute and control the provision of tourism services, and guides them towards achieving quality standards that are valued by tourists, thereby positioning the company internationally. See the photos here

Country exhibitions dazzled visitors to the CATM

The stands at CATM 2024 captivated visitors with their creativity and originality. Each space became a unique window to the region’s tourist destinations, offering sensory and visual experiences that transported viewers to distant places full of charm and adventure. From exquisite gastronomy to folk dances, to the exhibition of local crafts, the stands not only informed, but also immersed visitors in the cultural and natural wealth of Central America, awakening the desire to explore more.

Source: travel2latam