TTC Special: Tours for sale at more reasonable prices

Foto: Pixabay/veerasantinithi

By Frank Martin

A commercial discovery has reignited the hopes of travel sellers around the world.

Tourists have provided the key to this solution by spending a significant proportion of their budgets on vacation travel this summer along with fashion and beauty products, and other health and technology-related products.

The reader will wonder: And what is the advantage of this market innovation for the tourism industry?

The answer is that this summer, when they were preparing their vacations long before enjoying them, the candidates for tourists in a large part of the world sought offers not only to book flights and hotels but also products that they considered essential for the first time, perhaps due to the pandemic and also for the achievements of technology.

For travel sellers, this commercial situation opens the door to new income in this sector, which has been financially hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently in the process of recovery.

The firms that commercially study the sector have received this situation as an excellent signal to reactivate the market.

Sales of swimsuits, sunscreens, sandals and others caused the travel market to also expand to pharmaceutical products and technological accessories.

InterLnkd, the so-called smart engine that promotes thousands of products from the worlds of fashion, beauty and retail, said the data it has been able to gather is that tourists “are spending a staggering proportion of their holiday budgets on products destined to the suitcase or to travel.

That is, the figures say that a “high” average of tourists around the world has added to their longstanding tradition of accumulating fashion and beauty products for the summer, that of collecting non-prescription medicines, phone chargers and laptops.

Those who say they know the peculiar world market well estimate that the big brands of beauty products will join without thinking – they do, they say – to the tourist campaigns and will reinforce them financially, with a certain overflow for travel sellers.

The aforementioned firm and others dedicated to the sector have immediately welcomed it at a time when an immediate and high recovery of the leisure industry is needed.

They say that “this unique solution allows travelers to find the products that best complement their next vacation, while offering the travel seller a new and free stream of ancillary revenue from the products their customers are looking for.”