TTC Special: Tourism: The Caribbean table is served

Foto: Pixabay/ RitaE

By Frank Martin

A good vacation must contain excellent daily food and the Caribbean already has the table set for the last months of 2023.

The most seasoned experts in the tourism industry say that food is an essential aspect of many family traditions in Caribbean culture.The culinary art on the islands, whose populations have diverse origins, is rich, creative and extremely attractive.

That is why the region has little who learns in this art. During the year and many specially prepared for holiday visitors, the islands host gastronomic festivals.

Caribbean chefs, in addition, are all over the world offering “the best of the best,” one of the experts told our publication.

If someone is a lover of good food – aren’t we all? In Caribbean restaurants and places they will be able to choose culinary master classes during their free days; wet festivals and fairs always with exquisite drinks.

Whoever wants, as an entrepreneur, to see beyond, will also have the opportunity to be invited to food markets, views of specialized plantations and true food festivals.

The islands have a lot to offer in that sense. And it is said that Jamaica is in the lead.

This musical island offers many unique dishes such as Jerk, a fiery mixture of spices that is applied wet or dry as a flavoring to chicken or other meat, such as pork.

There are many excellent Caribbean examples that allow you to be satisfied with lunches and dinners.

And what are the reasons? One piece of information in a specialized analysis is that “the strongest influences include indigenous cultures and colonial roots from Spain, France or Great Britain.

And there are plenty of raw materials, such as fresh seafood made with tropical ingredients like coconut, okra and spices.

A statement that seems very true is that when someone sits down to eat in a good Caribbean restaurant they are coming into contact with great world cuisine.

And there are some proposals that you can also find as offers on the islands:

Antigua’s Afro-Caribbean heritage is celebrated in classic dishes like saltfish (salted cod) with fungee, a fried ball of cornmeal mixed with okra.

Lobsters are special recipes in Antigua, they are said to be “addictive” in the best sense of the word. It is served alongside a literal ball of sweet potato or potato dough mixed with grated coconut and spices.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken is a popular local dish with its seasoning of spices and chiles that is applied dry or wet before cooking. The British heritage is also noticeable in desserts such as Antiguan bread pudding. All touched with a rum sauce dressing.

Aruba has a specialty that is very beloved among diners: cheese. Edam or Gouda qualities as the main ingredient of keshi yena, a baked cheese ball filled with meat, vegetables and spices, are incomparable delicacies.

In Barbados you can enjoy an annual food festival linked to rum. The national dish of that island is cou-cou with flying fish? Cou-cou is a cornmeal and okra dish similar to polenta, in which flying fish is steamed or fried.

Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and other islands influenced by Spanish plus indigenous cuisine, do not leave aside Italian offerings that may be more recent but that touch on the most emblematic dishes of Italy with their own specialty.

So, let’s eat, the Caribbean table is served.