TTC Special: The attractive and tropical Caribbean winter is almost here

Caribe (pic pixabay)

Caribbean. Photo: Pixabay

By Frank Martin

When winter in regions much further north requires people to wear thick clothing and heating, in the Caribbean, where the tropics never cease to reign, sea bathing continues.

The average maximum temperatures are of 28 degrees Celsius on the islands of Barbados and Saint Lucia. , in Cuba 26 degrees and in Jamaica 29, especially in January.

The most important tourist seasons on islands and surrounding regions bathed by the Caribbean Sea run precisely from December to February, the currently closest months.

For most of this part of the world, the cold is, during certain seasons, just a joke.

The days of this mild winter are long, with almost 11 hours of daylight even in December. Nobody is going to remember the coats during their vacation.

Specialists collectively call these months and even March and April as the “high season”.

These is a  tourism with numerous clients – numbering in the thousands – that coming from Canada, part of the United States, and a good number from Europeans and Asians in countries in the middle of  frozen periods.

The millions of tourists that a large part of these islands can receive in their winter constitute records.

Jamaica, for example, expects to receive almost four million foreigners on vacation in 2023, the vast majority coming from the coldest places on Planet Earth.

“A lot of them will be from the United Kingdom,” said a comment from tourism analysts on the Internet.

And what happens with the winter prices in this tropical and sea area? They are certainly not low but they do not break the average tourist tranquility either.

A deal from an English-speaking island for a week in December for flights comes to around £2,000 a head, with higher sums if you choose expensive hotels.

But the Caribbean’s winter-tropical promotion is made to attract crowds of diverse purchasing power, perhaps with different accommodation comforts, but with the same paradisiacal nature options taking into account the climate at this time of year in the hemisphere.

“The weather is perfect both on the coast and in the inland cities, making it the best time for inclusive trips to Cuba.

In January and February, temperatures range between 15 and 25 ° C in Havana and the low humidity creates spectacular views of the ocean,” states a promotion made in Cuba.

For its part, the Dominican Republic is preparing to have a legendary “high season”, which will reach five million arrivals by the end of 2023.

In the Caribbean you can choose between locations of great natural beauty, offers of outdoor activities and maritime adventures in unique climates at this time of year.

In 2022 TTC talked about the reopening of the international tourism industry after the pandemic with many yacht arrivals.

In 2023 It should be taken into account that experts assure that the Caribbean is the destination that offers the most opportunities in terms of navigation.

That’s why the world’s largest yachts often spend the winter in the Caribbean and then head to Europe for the summer season in the Mediterranean.