Varadero. Photo: TTC.

By Frank Martin

The national or internal tourism has surprised specialists so far in 2022 by showing that 87% of those occasional travelers prefer to travel within their own countries.

At least this happens in some  tourists emitting destinations, such as the United States and certain European countries, despite all the heavy obstacles on market.

A survey by Pacaso, a real estate company based in that country and with businesses in Europe, published several discoveries about universal tourism tendency and the real chnaces to achievement of a restorative opening in the remainder of the year.

A result of the Pacaso aforementioned survey indicates that more than half of travelers aged 65 and over currently prioritize their vacations in order to visit family or friends.

Another finding is that nearly half of travelers under the age of 30 wish their trips were a little longer, but they often can’t jump the hurdles that come their way.

A very current reality is that in the case of national tourism, tour operators still do not underestimate these national travelers when planning their best offers.

To be sure, Pacaso surveyed 1,000 people from all adult generations to find the answers. The survey looked for a more complete understanding of the habits of people who have generally been through the vicissitudes of the last two and a half years.

The study seems to prove that human priorities change as we age and our travel habits seem to be no exception.

For that reason it must be that 38% of all respondents mentioned visiting family and friends as their main reason.

The 18-29 age group prefers vacations to be slightly relaxing as well and therefore includes visits to friends and family.

Vacation travelers ranging in age from 30 to about 44 years old are also prioritizing relaxation methods like these. The same thing happens with “vacationers” who are over 45 years old and have not yet reached 65. Also with those who are over that age.

Medical tourism, surveys seem to prove, is on the rise in a world in which health is the number one priority.

But this growth is slow because treatments are expensive and borders seem increasingly distant, depending on the region where you live.

For the rest, the citizens who need a majority of such trips are already older and prefer to rest, and treat some ailment if that is the case, near their own homes.

National tourism is still one of the favorites to jump over easy hurdles, but studies carried out after the start of 2022 with all the disadvantages that the year has brought indicate that this modality has also suffered lately, at least in Europe.

The growing inflationary process and especially fuel prices call to stay at home – and in this case it means the living room – although this decision has a load of boredom and even frustration.

Just because of the burdens that boredom and frustration mean, and because of the increasingly urgent needs of the market, specialists believe that 2022 will not end as badly as some expect. There will be general solutions and adapted to each one in terms of vacations.

Let’s hope so.