Innovación-turismo )foto Entorno Turístico)

Innovación-turismo )foto Entorno Turístico)

By Frank Martin

For some, innovation in tourism is represented by spectacular science-fiction technologies such as, among other wonders, a thermo-plane with impressive operational capabilities and ultra-modern comfort even on trips beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

For others in more nowadays terms that are already working on these new initiatives, innovating is a way of achieving excellent quality services for tourists in the hotel or holiday sector in general.

The goals of current innovations in full restoration time of the international tourism industry aim to improve the benefits of tourism and technologies to make them more attractive to tourists.

One can be said that a tourism innovation summit focused on current issues and scheduled for next November 2, 3 and 4 with headquarters in Seville, Spain focuses on an immediate and crucial point: digitalization

The summit organizers have disclosed via the Internet that more than 6,000 professionals and 400 experts in the sector are expected to participate in the Tourism Innovation meeting.

It has been published in the international specialized press that the objective of the summit is “to help tourism and travel industry to face all those innovation challenges in the short and long term.”.

The central theme, digitization and innovation, needs to be extended throughout the industry from a good number of innovative solutions.

These goals are described as “challenges” that, from the union of appropriate specialists, make digital strategies evolve and implement them.

The big quest is to examine a wide variety of technologies to help tourism businesses become more competitive, and especially to drive new ways of traveling after the impact of the pandemic.

As examples  organizers have mentioned that expedited ways to know occupancy rates in real time, take advantage of shared data to launch predictions or increase efficiency in decision-making are crucial.

It is a “new model of tourism innovation led by smart destinations and innovative travel companies” according to the general concepts.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud or Data Spaces are innovations that have become essential at the time of using digital media to select vacations.

The purposes of the summit are not related to science fiction, but to the reality of business.

Experts intend to personalize each room available with the tastes of each client.

In terms of population, a main angle is to make each tourist feel unique, and for them every detail must be thought of beforehand.

They also estimate that technological innovations in tourism should be the priority of the hotel or vacation sector to offer quality service.