Caribe 1 (Foto Pixabay)

Caribe 1 (Foto Pixabay)

By Frank Martin

“The Caribbean remains one of the most desirable destinations in the world and we look forward to the convergence of Caribbean tourism buyers and sellers to further the region’s recovery.”

This declaration, in addition to reflecting the optimism that reigns in the Caribbean in relation to international tourism, describe the 40th conference of the Caribbean Travel Marketplace that is taking place from the 3rd to the 5th this month in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sponsored by the Hotel Association and Caribbean Tourism (CHTA).

According to organizers, preparations have prompted regional suppliers and global buyers to prepare for a return to development big activities in the Caribbean tourism industry.

For the president of the Caribbean Travel Marketplace, Karen Whitt, there is a growing demand from travelers from all over the world to visit Caribbean destinations.

According to ForwardKeys, an entity that provides industry data, linked to the CHTA,  the Caribbean and Latin America lead the prospects in terms of the return of pleasure travel.

The invitation to the meeting included five destinations that are Aruba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and The Bahamas.

Within this framework, CHTA made a wide exhibition of region’s offers, buyers from 14 countries and suppliers from 21 countries and territories.

A key goal of the conference is to attract buyers from new locations.

In this sense, the presence of merchants from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Jamaica, Latvia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States is announced.