yacht at teh Caribbean (foto pixabay)

yacht at teh Caribbean (foto pixabay)

By Frank Martin

“Our clients come from all over the world to travel the world” is a unique statement that is also good news for islands like the Caribbean ones that usually receive yachts from all over the world, and of all sizes.

This kind of maritime tourism is only surpassed by the enormous mass of large cruise ships.

The phrase reported by tourist publications is from the firm known before as Dream Yacht Charter, which has come back on the market under the name of Dream Yacht Worldwide, which better shows its current dimensions.

The plans of this company recognized as among the world leaders in its activity are new and greater for 2023.

The reopening of the international tourism industry after the pandemic has confirmed that sailing continues to gain in popularity as it did before the epidemic.

And yachts are at the top of the list always welcome in the Caribbean, with its beautiful and extensive seas.

The Caribbean region is made up of hundreds of islands with fine sand beaches that also offer their own rentals of the most luxurious boats without discriminating those that come from the high seas.

Specialists point out that after the intensely navigated Mediterranean, the Caribbean is the destination that offers the most incredible opportunities in terms of yachting.

Something proven is that the world’s largest yachts often spend the winter in the Caribbean and then head to Europe to the summer season in the Mediterranean.

It can be Mega yachts and Superyachts that even have internal pools and carry small helicopters, thus competing with majestic cruise ships.

But there are also excellent offers for the smallest with different styles, from the most traditional to the modern.

The very navigable Caribbean seas offer the magic of its numerous islands perfect to be visited with sailing yachts with an excellent classic touch.

Dream Yacht Worldwide has stated that it seeks to make sailing and sea travel accessible to everyone.

This means that their offerings include the most destinations and one of the largest and most diverse fleets of sailing, yachts and vessels in the world.

One announcement is that it will launch 150 new boats in the coming season, 80% of which are catamarans.

The group employs more than 600 people in 31 countries and operates in 50 destinations worldwide, with a fleet of more than 900 monohulls and catamarans.

For maritime tourist destinations, in the front row those of the Caribbean, proposals such as these make reopening a broader process and with greater possibilities of income, as is sought in these post-Covid-19 times.

Specifically, the firm has disclosed that it “offers one of the most diverse fleets and the largest number of exclusive bases in the world, from the sugary white sands of the Caribbean to the thousands of islands of Europe.”