St Elizabeth students introduced to careers in tourism

With the goal of providing young minds with information about careers in the hospitality sector, team members from Sandals South Coast recently travelled to Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, to engage students from high schools and colleges in the parish at a tourism expo organised by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).The day’s event saw representatives of various departments of the resort sharing insights into career opportunities within their fields. To enrich the experience, they incorporated practical demonstrations, teaching students mocktail mixology and cooking sessions, in which they could actively participate.

Vilma Smith, Sandals South Coast’s environment, health and safety manager, in sharing about her profession, used the opportunity to encourage students to take proactive steps in preserving natural resources within their communities.

Smith emphasised the importance of practices like recycling, proper waste management and disposal. She also highlighted the resort’s commitment to environmental conservation through initiatives and programmes in surrounding communities and schools, fostering a sense of responsibility among both students and partners present at the event.

In the meantime, public relations manager from the resort Ashley Crisp urged students to broaden their horizons and consider diverse career paths within the tourism industry.

She emphasised the importance of thinking outside the box and not limiting themselves as she pointed out that virtually any field of study can find relevance within the dynamic landscape of tourism.