Russian group Abráu-Diursó launches Danza del Fuego rum in collaboration with Cuba Ron S.A.

Danza de fuego. Photo: Vía X

Russia has seen the launch of the first production of Danza del Fuego, an original Cuban rum, with the authorization of the state corporation Cuba Ron S.A. Each batch of rum is produced under the supervision of Cuban experts, who accompany all stages of production at Abráu-Diursó, the company reported.

In a statement, Abráu-Diursó informed that the Danza del Fuego brand is a novelty in its Abrau Spirits portfolio of strong drinks. It stressed that this is the first Cuban rum production project in Russian territory to have the approval of Cuba Ron S.A.

The Cuba Ron corporation is responsible for several distilleries in Cuba, including the historic Ronera Cárdenas, founded in 1878.

The Russian company highlighted the importance of rum-making traditions on the Caribbean island, considered a national heritage. The quality certification is granted by means of a special green label, which Danza del Fuego obtained after complying with the corresponding requirements.

Most of the production of this new brand takes place in Cuba, where the fermentation of molasses, distillation and barrel aging take place. The distillate is then transferred to Russia for blending and bottling.

The price of Danza del Fuego in Moscow is 1,499 rubles per 0.7-liter bottle. The spirit will soon be available in retail networks nationwide.

Abráu-Diursó is one of Russia’s leading producers of sparkling and still wines. The company presents collections from wineries such as Abráu-Diursó, Vederikov Winery, Loza and Sheki Sharab, among others, as well as other alcoholic beverages such as liqueurs, gins, vodkas, bitters and cognacs.

Source: Cubadebate