Japanese companies intend to market their whiskeys in Cuba

Photo: Pixabay/anncapictures

Japanese companies will promote several brands of whiskeys produced in the Asian nation in Cuba, with a view to possible commercialization mainly as suppliers to tourism.

The president of the Cuban Bartenders Association (ACC), Eddis Naranjo, informed the Prensa Latina (PL) agency that the presentation will take place tomorrow, July 20, at the headquarters of that organization, located in the Havana neighborhood of El Vedado.

That day the whiskey tasting will take place in an event in which some twenty of the best bartender’s members of the organization will participate and adds the information. No markings are listed.

The participating bartenders will be able to present their criteria, opinions, opinions and approval on these spirits, in order to encourage entities and companies linked to the sector for their acquisition in the Asian nation and their distribution on the island.

In turn, the manager specified that a Japanese expert, whose name or company to which he is linked was not known either, will be in charge of the presentation to explain the qualities and values of these drinks so that they are well appreciated by bartenders and potential Cuban businessmen and clients.

Naranjo expressed his gratitude to the Cuban authorities and the Japanese companies involved in promoting these products on the island.

Japanese whiskey

According to specialists in spirits, Japanese whiskey has begun to grow in production and reputation in recent years. What was initially seen as an imitation of Scotch whiskey is now a whiskey with its own style.

Becoming suppliers of the tourism sector in Cuba continues to be an attraction for businessmen from several countries, who appreciate the slow but sustained recovery of activity after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as a good opportunity.

The authorities of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) have proposed the purpose of receiving 3.5 million visitors this year, which represents a significant jump compared to 2022, which closed with 1.6 million.

Cuba received 1,441,362 international travelers between January and May 2023, which is 177% more than in the same period of 2022, according to data from the National Office of Statistics and Information (Onei).

Source: Havana Live