Grenada Hosts CTO 2024 Sustainable Tourism Conference

Image courtesy of the Grenada Tourism Authority

The 2024 Sustainable Tourism Conference, hosted at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, attracted over 200 delegates.

Building on the theme, ‘The 5 Ps for a Legacy of Caribbean Tourism Sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, & Partnership,’ the conference provided insights and strategies to shape the future of Caribbean tourism.

Representatives from the air and cruise travel industry, the hotel and accommodation sector, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention provided valuable insights into the tourism industry’s current landscape and future trends.

Following this, the Ministerial round-table brought together Grenada’s Ministers of Government, including the Minister of Tourism, Minister for Economic Development, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Minister for Climate Resilience, the Environment, and Renewable Energy. The panel discussed inter-sectoral linkages and collaborative initiatives to foster cooperation and growth within Grenada and the wider Caribbean for a sustainable future.

The panel on Purpose-Driven Tourism included industry professionals who have embraced a sense of purpose in their establishments, ranging from publications to eco-conscious hotels and conservation specialists. Their presentations offered examples of the possibilities when purpose guides action.

A discussion on Partnership highlighted the transformative potential of collaboration with private sector stakeholders in driving long-term change within the industry, emphasizing the importance of bridging gaps and fostering mutual cooperation.

The day’s masterclass focused on FU-Tech Tourism, featuring panelists showcasing the latest developments in data and digital platforms, as well as advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications, underscoring the role of technology in shaping the future of tourism.

The conference concluded with the “Convergence Point,” a panel reflecting on ways the tourism industry can advance toward sustainability by aligning approaches with the 5 P’s and fostering cooperation across sectors. This session provided a strategic roadmap for moving forward in unity towards a more sustainable future.

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