Gaviota to hold first edition of Destinos Cuba in Portugal

By Daily Pérez Guillén

The Gaviota Tourism Group plans to hold the first edition of Destinos Cuba from May 20 to 23, in Algarve, Portugal, together with hotel chains MGM Muthu Hotels and Vila Galé. The initiative responds to the objective of “putting an emphasis on working with the European market,” as explained by Carlos M. Latuff Carmenate, president of Gaviota.

The announcement was made at FITCUBA 2024, the same night the tourism group presented its new campaign — Siéntelo — which invites visitors to experience Cuba through all their senses.

The Gaviota president also informed that the Bolsa Destinos Gaviota expo, which is held every year in Cuba, would be held in Holguín, from October 16 to 20, 2024.

Carlos M. Latuff Carmenate, Gaviota president

Speaking during an evening event on the beach of the Hotel Cayo Guillermo Kempinski, Latuff highlighted the relevance of the Jardines del Rey destination, where Gaviota has significant capacity in excellent facilities.

As well as the offers in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo — the foundational hubs of this tourist resort — the Group has added Cayo Cruz and Cayo Paredón Grande to its portfolio, representing Gaviota’s most-recent additions to its vacation facilities in Cuba’s northern keys, with well-designed accommodation that bring freshness and diversity to this area.

Today, Gaviota operates more than 9,000 rooms in 18 hotels, in addition to associated services in transportation, excursions and nautical services, in this tourist region of the Caribbean archipelago.