Five Cuban beaches feature among the top ten worldwide

Varadero, Cuba.

Five Cuban beaches are among the ten best in the world according to the ranking of the International Training Center for Beach Management and Certification (Cifplayas). Varadero stands out, occupying three positions within the first four places of this list: the Meliá Antillas sector is in the first position, followed by historic Varadero in third place and the Hotel Internacional in fourth place.

In addition, the beaches La Estella, managed by the Hotel Playa Cayo Santa María, and Perla Blanca, the Hotel Paradisus Los Cayos, both in the tourist resort of Santa María in Villa Clara, are ranked seventh and eighth, respectively.

In the Caribbean region, these five Cuban beaches are joined by three others on the island. The Piedra Movida beach, at the Hotel Gran Muthu Cayo Santa María, in the same region, is also on the list. Likewise, the Costa Sur Natural Swimming Pool in Trinidad and the Iberostar Taínos sector in Varadero are among the best in the region.

The results of the Best Beaches 2024 Ranking were announced on June 8, coinciding with the celebration of World Oceans Day. This year, the number of beaches evaluated more than doubled compared to the previous year, which also meant a greater participation of researchers and experts in the evaluation process.

Unlike other rankings that are often based on subjective criteria, influenced by the perceived beauty of beaches according to influencers and travelers, the Best Beaches 2024 Ranking employs rigorous scientific methods to obtain an objective result. This approach is particularly useful for tourists, policy makers, environmental managers, hoteliers and others interested in the management and enjoyment of beaches.

The positions in the ranking are determined on the basis of detailed diagnoses that consider several fundamental aspects: recreational values, coastal protection, ecosystemic conservation and the sanitary quality of each beach. Each of these indicators is evaluated with a unique scale, thus facilitating their interpretation and comparison.

In total, 123 beaches from 13 countries were evaluated: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. This exhaustive evaluation process involved 46 academics (12 of them Cubans), managers and specialists from various disciplines, all of them trained as evaluators by Cifplayas.

The announcement was made through a live broadcast on YouTube on the official Cifplayas channel, and the results are available for consultation on its Facebook account. In addition, the full report can be downloaded free of charge from the ranking’s website, which details the best beaches by country, geographic region and typology, including urban, rural and town beaches.

Source: Radio Caibarién