Dominican Republic, the five preferred destinations for group trips from the United States

dominican-republic (foto pixabay)

Dominican-republic (photo/ pixabay)

Marriott International, the renowned hotel chain, has unveiled its “Travel Trends Forecast,” a comprehensive study that provides insights into the anticipated evolution of business travel and event planning in the upcoming year.

Conducted by the research firm 72Point, this survey engaged 1,000 travel agents and event organizers in the United States, shedding light on intriguing trends reflecting the shifting preferences of both agents and guests in the post-pandemic era. Furthermore, it offers a glimpse into what these stakeholders anticipate for the industry by 2024.

One particularly noteworthy revelation is the growing popularity of the Dominican Republic as a preferred destination for both leisure and business trips. This Caribbean gem finds itself high on the list, with Mexico leading the pack at 37%, closely followed by Jamaica (37%), Aruba (35%), and the Dominican Republic (34%).

Louise Bang, Director of Sales and Marketing at Marriott International CALA, extolled the virtues of the Dominican Republic as an ideal destination for group travel, citing its stunning beaches, rich natural resources, and inviting culture, along with excellent air connectivity to major airports in the United States and Latin America. Bang emphasized Marriott’s commitment to this market, boasting 14 operational hotels and 14 more in development.

The study also underscores the significance of authentic cultural experiences for North American travelers. A majority of respondents expressed interest in sampling local drinks and regional cuisines (60%), attending local music or dance performances (59%), and immersing themselves in the local language (58%).

In the realm of wellness activities, the forecast indicates that wellness will remain a focal point in 2024, but travelers will seek experiences that extend beyond the traditional spa offerings. A substantial 65% of respondents expressed interest in active wellness pursuits like jiu-jitsu or kickboxing classes, while 58% showed interest in mindfulness activities such as meditation or yoga. As the concept of wellness continues to evolve, travelers are increasingly drawn to more enriching experiences, encompassing creative fitness classes, educational workshops, and nutritious dining options.

As the preeminent hotel company in the region, Marriott International is leveraging these insights to enhance its offerings throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Their commitment remains unwavering in delivering on the promise of being where their guests want them to be, offering the right property in the right destination at the right price. With a portfolio of nearly 500 hotels across 37 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, Marriott is dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences and exceeding guest expectations through exceptional service.

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