Dominican Republic advances in the recovery of tourism

Bavaro beach, Dominican Republic. Photo: viktoral/123rf

Cancun (Mexico), Dominican Republic, and Jamaica are the three destinations leading the tourism recovery in the Caribbean. The effects will be more visible in the winter season that starts next November, said Encarna Piñero, CEO of the Piñero group, one of the Spanish hotel companies with the most prominent presence in the Caribbean.

During Monday’s meetings at the World Tourism Summit, the first event of its kind to be held after the start of the pandemic, Encarna Piñero told Efe that although with entirely different scenarios, these three destinations “are doing very well.”

“Dominican Republic is doing very well, the new government is managing very well in the short term recovery, mobilizing vaccines to employees in the sector. After the good performance of the Dominican Republic, Cancun and Jamaica rebounded, which although initially had a drop now is one of the best performers, there is no regular behavior of the three destinations but I think Cancun is the one that will rebound more,” she added.

For Encarna Piñero, the global tourism industry will experience two critical moments for recovery in the coming months, the first one due to the massive vaccination in the United States and the second one in Europe.

“This will generate a wave of confidence in the entire sector, in all tourism, and the moment that Europe has a higher percentage of vaccination, the influx to the Caribbean will be noticed,” she said.