Dominica will change the way you see the Caribbean

Drop all your expectations about a Caribbean vacation. Dominica is an island unlike any other in the region. It’s a nature lover’s paradise for travelers seeking adventure, sustainability, untouched landscapes, and rainbows painting the sky almost every day—and that’s what makes it so special.

From its dense rainforests and dramatic volcanic scenery to its thriving marine life and secluded resorts committed to both sustainability and luxury, Dominica will show you a different side of the Caribbean. Here’s what to expect on a visit to the “Nature Island.”

See Dominica’s famous twin waterfalls

No need to embark on a major hike in the Caribbean heat to see one of Dominica’s most famous attractions: Trafalgar Falls. A 10-minute walk along a well-maintained path brings you to a viewing platform where you can see famous twin waterfalls, ranging from 130 to 260 feet tall. It’s a spectacular sight to see mist from “Mama Falls” and “Papa Falls” blanket the surrounding greenery. If you’re up for a longer trek, you can take a 20-minute hike up the trail that leads to the foot of the falls.

Float through a gorge

Guides here can hook you up with an inner tube then help you float through the impossibly narrow gap between two stone walls, where a secret waterfall awaits you. The postcard-worthy cascade makes an amazing spot to snap photos and relish the rush of standing beneath the rushing water. On your way back out, look up and marvel at the lush foliage that drapes the gorge, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.

Soak in a hot spring

Hike to Syndicate Falls

If you’re looking for an adventurous hike in Dominica, Syndicate Falls should be at the top of your list. Located at the base of Morne Diablotin, Dominica’s tallest mountain, Syndicate Falls is a hidden gem that’s as memorable to get to as it is to see up close.

The hike to the falls takes you through one of Dominica’s national parks and requires several river crossings, where you’ll need to tightrope walk across cables strung just over the water—a thrilling yet manageable challenge that adds to the adventure. A pair of grippy water shoes (like these ones from Xero Shoes) and a dose of confidence should be enough to get you through the 20-minute hike.

Don’t worry if you get splashed on your way to Syndicate Falls, though. You’ll get soaked when you wade into the refreshing water and feel the power of the glorious 100-foot-tall waterfall as it fills the swimming hole.

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