Cubanacan seeks to improve quality and launches new campaign

By Daily Pérez Guillén

For the Cubanacan Group, C is more than just the third letter in the alphabet or the initial of its name. It is part of a new communication campaign to emphasize the quality of the group’s tourist options in Cuba and invite its workers to achieve the best with the slogan “Do it with C.”

Using the words collective, comfort, culture, competence, creativity and constancy, Cubanacán President, Jorge Alberto García, explained that this initiative, whose target audience is workers and managers, aims to motivate and improve performance and management in search of greater customer satisfaction.

“We are encouraging Cubanacán’s 17,000 workers throughout the country to join the campaign and make it a factor to maintain the high quality standards that are necessary to further improve the commercialization of our hotels,” García stressed in an interview with TTC.

The group president also explained that there is a high level of national tourism in the summer at Cubanacán hotels, while new contracts have been secured for the foreign tourism high season, mainly from the Canadian, Latin American and European markets. “A direct flight from China has recently been inaugurated, for which we are still working and seeking to increase our marketing in Asia, which is something new. All this will be materialized in the upcoming winter season and occupancy levels should be much higher.”

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Yamily Aldama, present at the launch of the campaign at the Hotel Copacabana in Havana, called on those present to “carry out increasing actions and activities with the highest possible quality to achieve a growing number of visitors to the destination, and combat the media campaigns against Cuban tourism, which affect us all.”

The Cubanacán Group accumulates 37 years of experience with presence in all the provinces of the country, except Cienfuegos and Guantánamo. Its 117 all-inclusive hotel facilities offer a total of 16,500 rooms with sea views, in natural sites or in cities with rich historical and cultural heritage.