Costa Rica, a charming tourist destination on the rise

Photo: Taken of  Twitter Oficina de Turismo de Costa Rica

By: Rachell Cowan Canino/ Special to TTC no.292

Tropical forests, volcanoes, Caribbean and Pacific coasts and exotic biodiversity make the Central American country a good choice for traveling. The World Travel Awards 2023 confirm it: Costa Rica has been recognized as “Leading Destination 2023.”

In the so-called “Oscars of Tourism” the Costa Rican Tourism Institute was also highlighted as the Best Ministry in the Mexico and Central America category. Both awards are a testimony to the commitment to excellence and sustainability that that country has developed in recent years.

“This success is the merit of all those who contribute to making Costa Rica an exceptional destination! We will continue to raise the standard of Costa Rican tourism. Thank you for being part of this achievement!” said William Rodríguez, head of the sector.

For that nation, 2023 has been a year of good news with sustained growth in tourism. Compared to the previous year, international air arrivals recorded an impressive increase of 9.5% in August 2023.

This rise is evident in practically all nationalities of special interest, with emphasis on Mexico and Spain. Meanwhile France continues to lead the European markets with a growth of 8.2%. As for South America, another issuing region with great potential for Costa Rica, significant growth can be seen in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile (over 40%), and an increase of 17% in Colombia.

According to Wiliam Rodríguez, “if we compare these results with 2019, in general we continue to exceed visits by 0.7%.”