Celebrating Cuban Tourism Day

In hotels, extra-hotel entities and support institutions celebrated one more anniversary of November 20th, Cuban Tourism Day, which today is at the beginning of the winter season, a period from November to April where the country receives its highest numbers of foreign vacationers.

On this date, Juan Carlos García Granda, head of the sector, ratified the commitment to the progress of this engine of the economy of the Greater of the Antilles, despite the obstacles of all kinds that today hinder its rapid recovery.

«We ratify the commitment to the progress of the sector, an intention that encompasses the workers, our operating partners and of course, the visitors who choose to visit the country,» García Granda wrote on his account on the social network X.

Nastia Valdés, MINTUR delegate in Matanzas province, also pondered the performance of the men and women of a key territory for the contributions of its income and headquarters of Cuba’s main beach resort.

«In addition to the recognition to our managers and workers, who give prestige to the sector, we thank our collaborators and institutions of all kinds that accompany or intervene in the development of this important economic line for the province.»
Established in 2019, this celebration was established in honor of the creation of the National Institute of the Tourism Industry (INIT), which took place on November 20th, 1959.

The INIT thus became the first institution founded by the Revolution to promote a “revolutionary tourism, based on the best values of the human being, on the traditions of the Nation and its people, as well as on the extraordinary natural resources existing in the country”, according to the Cuban Gazette.

Despite the fact that at that time he was serving as prime minister, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro was at the head of the organization, a structure that tacitly endorsed the will of the Revolution to give priority to the country’s tourist progress from the very triumph of 1959.

The founding of INIT was followed on November 30th, 1976 by the National Institute of Tourism (INTUR), which later gave way, on April 21st, 1994, to the Ministry of Tourism.

Source: Cuba press