Cabo Rojo becomes an international brand tourist destination

In a collaborative initiative led by the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP) and the Ministry of Tourism, Cabo Rojo’s new identity was unveiled, positioning it as a burgeoning tourist destination in the Dominican Republic.

The guiding principle behind the fresh identity, an invitation from the Dominican Government to explore one of the most promising destinations for adventurers seeking distinctive coastal and desert landscapes in the country, is encapsulated in the slogan, “Cabo Rojo: discover the new Caribbean.”

The logo, portraying a locale ripe for exploration with captivating corners, incorporates distinguishing elements such as cacti, its geographic boundaries, colors, shapes, and elevations of notable landmarks like the Pelempito hole, eagle caves, Romeo wells, the enchanting keys, and the port.

Cabo Rojo boasts unique geographical features, including protected natural areas, parks, lagoons, and lakes teeming with rich biodiversity, and it welcomed its inaugural cruise in January 2024.

During the brand launch event attended by Minister of Tourism David Collado and Dominican Republic Ambassador to Spain Juan Bolívar Díaz, Sigmund Freund, the executive director of DGAPP, presented the history of Cabo Rojo’s emergence as a destination, underscoring its potential and attractions for the development of an internationally recognized tourism brand.

Freund revealed that the groundbreaking ceremony for the Cabo Rojo International Airport in Oviedo is scheduled for the first week of March 2024, marking a crucial step in closing the circle essential for the tourism development of this region.

Emphasizing the destination’s commitment to the environment, Freund highlighted the first-of-its-kind study on the tourist carrying capacity of Cabo Rojo and the Bahía de las Águilas recreational area in the country. “With this, we have information on how many visitors can enjoy the beaches of Bahía de las Águilas simultaneously, ensuring the protection of a jewel that we have unequivocally termed ‘The jewel in the crown of Cabo Rojo.’”

He also announced the initiation of a conservation program for endemic and native species, implemented before the commencement of construction activities, with the establishment of the Cabo Rojo nursery.

Source: Dominican Today