Air China and Ita Airways: A new route for Italians to travel to Cuba

By: Rachell Cowan Canino

A new possibility recently opened up for Italians who wish to travel to Cuba through the collaboration between Air China and Ita Airways. Since May 17, the new flight route connecting Beijing with Havana has been joined by departures from Rome and soon Milan, with a stopover in Madrid.

With two weekly frequencies (Tuesdays and Saturdays), Italians will be able to travel to the Caribbean island on brand-new Boeing 787-9 aircraft with 30 seats in Business, 34 in Premium and 229 in Economy Class.

Yanet Mora, Tourism counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Italy, told TTC that this link has two main advantages. Through check-in allows travelers to check in their luggage at origin and not have to pick it up again until the destination, regardless of the stopover, ensuring better enjoyment of the trip, while passengers can check in up to 3 suitcases.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Mora pointed out that renewed interest in traveling to Cuba can be appreciated, with an increase in options for Italians visiting the Caribbean island, historically one of their favorite destinations. She also stressed that tour operators’ genuine love for Cuba makes all the difference.

Yanet Mora, Tourism counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Italy

There was a substantial increase in the number of Italians who traveled to Cuba in the first five months of this year, with the trend pointing to even more, as offers are diversified, new high-quality products are created and “tourists who return from our country express a high level of satisfaction.”

Recently, two familiarization groups from the Tour 2000 agency traveled to Cuba and learned about the potential of destinations like Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa and Cayo Santa María, among many others that are currently promoted for Italian tourists.

Italy has remained its position among the top ten countries of origin for tourists to Cuba, according to data from the National Office of Statistics and Information.